HARTING Technology Group

The adventures of the three little giants

Little plugs, Gigantic project – The future of miniaturised Ethernet

In a time in which everything the industry believed in got shattered, something new arose. Something small. Made to make a big impact.
At the dawn of digitalization and under the pressure of a changing world they

were developed. Born out of the power of strong ideas and shaped by the experience of decades. Ready to connect todays industry with the world of tomorrow.

Little Giants

Miss M8ty - M8 D-coded
       HARTING M8 D-coded for fast Ethernet at
      the most minute sensors on the field level.

       Follow the adventures of Miss M8ty

Tw1ster - HARTING T1 Industrial
     HARTING T1 Industrial® makes Ethernet
      implementation easy and cost-effective
      – from the cloud tot he smallest sensor

        Join Tw1ster and his super powers

Captain ix - HARTING ix Industrial
                    HARTING ix Industrial® –
          The new Ethernet standard interface.

    More about Captain ix and his mission