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On this website, we use the Matomoweb analytics system, which measures and analyses visits to our website. We use your IP address with the intention of collecting data, including with regard to internet traffic, your browser, and your computer. This information is analysed for statistical purposes. You as a user remain anonymous during this process.

Information on how the Matomo Open Source Web Analysis Software works can be found at

In addition, cookies are also set. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer as soon as you visit a website. When you visit the site again, the cookie indicates that it is a repeat visit. The cookie contains no personal information. The cookie is not intended to identify you on third-party websites, including the websites of the analytics provider.

Furthermore, cookies can be used to select settings which you prefer, such as language and country preferences, in order to make them available on your next visit.

We do not use the IP addresses or cookies to personally identify you.
We use the web analytics system to increase the efficiency of our website.

For more information about cookies, including information on how to set, organise, block or delete cookies, visit The website provides detailed instructions on how to set and delete cookies, depending on your browser type. You can set your browser to match your personal security level. In the column on the right, we have included references to cookie settings in different browsers to the extent that we are aware of them.

We have tried to list all cookies that we and our technology partners use. Please note that this list is partly incomplete and will be updated gradually. Should you determine any discrepancy or think that a cookie is missing, please contact our data privacy experts at dataserurity_nl(at)

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These cookies are used to gather information about the usage behaviour of our website visitors. We use this information to generate reports and improve our website. These cookies are a way of obtaining anonymised data, including the number of users, where a visitor comes from, and which page they are accessing. For an overview of Matomo's privacy policy, please visit: